Traditional Family Fun & Adventure


Woodlands Park Resort is the perfect place to be able to spend some real quality time together as a family. It is just so beautiful & peaceful. Imagine opening the curtains in the morning to see rabbits playing outside your window. Going for a picnic & listening out for the woodpeckers & spotting all the other birds - it’s truly magical, a wildlife haven. Walking home hearing the owls hooting in the mighty oaks above you and looking up to see hundreds & hundreds of stars in the night sky. Walking around the park looking for the fairy doors & listening & watching the brook with its waterfalls cascading below. Relaxing & enjoying a glass of wine on your decking, knowing that your children are safe playing on the park grounds around you.

If you enjoy spending time with all your family and exploring the area enjoying good old fashioned family days out and adventures filled with beach fun and wildlife galore – then we truly are the park for you and your loved ones. It is the perfect base to explore all that Ceredigion has to offer. Nearby New Quay beach has absolutely everything you need for a magical day - from fish & chips, family friendly pubs, café’s, ice creams & then the icing on the cake - the magical sight of the dolphins swimming in the bay. If you are considering lodge or holiday home ownership or a family holiday here at Woodlands Park Resort, it’s no exaggeration to say almost any type of adventure is captured here from traditional seaside fun, to vintage fair rides, discovering the dolphins and experiencing an entire world of myth and legend as part of an incredible living heritage. Wales calls itself epic and for us it’s impossible to disagree.