Holiday Letting Permission Form

The below form should only be completed if you intend to use your property on Woodlands Park Resort for the purpose of Holiday Letting where you obtain payment from guests anywhere between the period of 1st April 2022 and the 31st March 2023.

Please Note - Payment from Guests also refers to Family and Friends who pay to use your property sited on Woodlands Park Resort. 

Most fields within the form are mandatory. Sections that need to be completed and are left blank will be highlighted in red before the form can be successfully submitted to the Parks Management. 

Owner Name:

Please enter the legal name of the accommodation owner. The name below should match that which is displayed on your contract for your Chalet/Lodge. 

If the Chalet/Lodge is owned by more than one person, please enter each owners name in separate boxes below. 

Owner Contact:

Please enter your preferred email address and telephone number. Please note only one email address and one phone number can be entered. 

Property Details:

Please select the correct Property Identifier, Plot Number and the name of your accommodation. 

You can locate your Property Identified and Plot Number on your most recent Pitch Fee or Utility Invoice from Woodlands Park Resort.

Health and Safety:

Please enter the start and end dates for your Insurance Policy, EICR Certificate and PAT Certificate. 

Please upload either a JPEG Picture or PDF Version of these documents within the labelled fields. You do not need to upload a JPEG and PDF Version. Please choose one upload option. 


JPEG Upload

Upload JPEG Insurance Document



Upload PDF Insurance Document


Upload JPEG EICR Document

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Upload PDF EICR Document


Upload JPEG PAT Document

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Upload PDF PAT Document

Hot Tub:

Do you offer Paying Guests (Customers) the use of a Hot Tub at your accommodation? 

Advertising and Management:

Please select all your Property Advertising Providers from the list below. If you use an alternative supplier please select Other and detail them in the text box provided. If your Main Provider advertises on alternative sites for example Escape Holidays Limited advertising on please select only your Main Provider for advertising. 

Advertising Provider

If you have selected other please enter the advertising companies name below. If you use more than one please enter all that are used. 

If you use a Property Management Company such as Escape Holidays Limited please detail their company name below along with the name of your Direct Contact if applicable and the date (Estimated) you started to use the provider. If you do not use a Property Management Provider then please leave this section blank. 

Please Note - Before you submit your Holiday Letting Permission form for 2022/2023 you are agreeing to the following terms surrounding Holiday Letting here at Woodlands Park Resort. 

You will supply the following facilities in your accommodation of your own accord and accept full liability for these facilities

  • You must install and maintain a smoke alarm system

  • You must install and maintain a Fire Blanket and Fire Extinguishers

  • Photoluminescent signage. 

  • Exit doors must have thumb turn locks.


You agree to the following terms for letting your accommodation on Woodlands Park Resort. 

  • You agree to hire/sublet/rent the accommodation named above for recreational use only.

  • You agree not to hire/sublet/rent the accommodation named above to those who are working in the local or surrounding area. (That is people who will travel to and from work while staying on park are not permitted.)

  • You must provide written H&S procedures as part of your information to guests (See Site License Agreement). 

  • Provide guests with Booking Terms and Conditions including but not limited to your Check-In Procedures and Contact Person/Number (The park will not support private holidays lets upon check-in due to data protection and security.) 

You also agree to not misrepresent the accommodation or its quality/standard. If the accommodation has a "Lodge" Site License Agreement then it may be referred to as a Lodge. If the accommodation has a "Chalet" Site License Agreement then it must be referred to as a Chalet. All other aspects of your advert must be accurate. From time to time the park may check your adverts and feedback to you on any areas of concern. If these are not actioned within 14 days of the feedback being issued then we with hold the right to report serious breeches to Trading Standards as misrepresentation and advertising. 


Please press the "SUBMIT" button below. 

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