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A King, Two Dragons and a Prophecy

Ever wondered why Wales’ flag depicts a red dragon? The story begins with a battle …

Vortigen was a Celtic King on the lookout for somewhere to build a castle and he found his perfect spot on the hillside of Dinas Emrys. But he received a warning from a young lad, that below this seemingly perfect spot was an underground lake, where two dragons lay sleeping. Many people believe that the young lad was the legendary magician Merlin.

But his warning went unheeded and as they started to dig the ground Vortigen’s men witnessed the fight of two powerful & mighty dragons – one white and one red.

The red dragon saw victory & some say this saw true the prophecy of the coming of King Arthur.

Myth & Mystery – or could dragons have been real?

During the excavation of Dinas Emrys in 1945, evidence was found of both a lake and a fortress, both dating back to Vortigen’s time. Dragons appeared on the battle flags of the Welsh Kings during the 5th century but Wales’ official first use of the flag was probably during the battle of Bosworth when Henry Tudor defeated Richard III.

In 1959 Queen Elizabeth declared that …’only the Red Dragon on a green & white flag’ should be flown on government buildings in Wales.

Our Dragons here at Woodlands Park Resort

On his way to the battle of Bosworth, Henry Tudor stayed at ‘Plas Wern’, the property located next door to the park. Hence why we named our new lodge development ‘Tudor Place’ at Woodlands Park Resort.

Sitting proudly on the stone pillars of the entrance & exit to Tudor Place you will find two pairs of gold dragons. At the entrance to the park you will find another large gold dragon sitting pretty amongst the flora & forna.

Our famous dragon is ‘Dylan’ the mascot for Woody’s Bar, Restaurant & Coffee Lounge. His name is an affectionate nod to the Welsh poet & writer Dylan Thomas’ links to New Quay. Dylan the Dragon sits proudly on Woody’s bar and looks forward to welcoming you all very soon.

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