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Dark Skies at Woodlands Park Resort

On a clear dark and tranquil night it’s the perfect time to look up and see thousands

upon thousands of stars in the sky. Woodlands Park Resort is located just a stone’s

throw from the coast and with so little light pollution, both on the park and in the

surrounding rural areas, you can see the universe in all it’s splendour with just the

naked eye. Keep a look out for the International Space Station soaring past, satellites and shooting stars too as seen in the video below.

Find the Plough, the North Star, Orion’s Belt and many more with the free Starwalk2 app you can

download to your mobile. Stargazing is a truly breath taking experience, it’s free and

its firmly placed on many a ‘bucket list’ for those who have yet to see it’s natural


Use the below links to download the app.


Woodlands Park Resort is open all year round so when the Autumn and Winter bring

colder weather, it’s not all doom and gloom, because this is the best time of year to

see the stars. Thanks to more hours of darkness and the cooler temperatures

stripping the air of hazy humidity these winter skies can be exceptionally clear,

creating the perfect conditions for gazing at the cosmos.

Want to try your hand at stargazing here in West Wales? Book a weekend away or a

week’s holiday with Escape Holidays Limited. Click here for more information it’s the perfect

way to combine a relaxing winter break with a truly magical experience.

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