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Spooky Ice Cream, Majestic Dolphins and ‘Cwtch’s

Why Woodlands Park Resort & New Quay are firm family favourites

Hi my name’s Liz, nicknamed ‘buzy Lizzie’, because I really live life to the fill with my husband Liam and my two beautiful girls Maizie (7) and Orla (4). As a hands-on Mum & with working full time too, it’s always great to be able to spend some real quality time together as a family. Now we can literally jump in the car on a Friday night and escape to Wales.

For our little family, New Quay beach has absolutely everything we need - from fish & chips, family friendly pubs, café’s, ice creams & then the icing on the cake - the magical sight of the dolphins swimming in the bay.

One of our New Quay firm favourites is the Creme Pen Cei ice cream shop. They change their menu every time we visit. At Easter there’s always a yummy Cadbury’s Creme Egg flavour. In October it’s spooky Halloween flavours like Iced Creamed with chocolate spiders in. The Goldbar ice cream is one of my personal favourites! Liam and the girls favourites are Blackberry & Apple Crumble, Double Decker, & Toffee Crisp ice cream which are sooooo good, as well as toffee & fudge flavours too. Dogs don’t miss out here either - they even do a doggy ice cream - pawsome!

For a fantastic family fun filled day out we head over to Folly Farm. It has everything from vintage fair rides to zoo animals and their farm animals which you can also hold. The girls absolutely love to pet the smaller animals. That’s called having a ‘cwtch’ here in Wales. There’s an indoor soft play area, an outdoor adventure playground & a sand pit with diggers too. Definitely a full day out for all the family!

Cardigan Castle is really interesting. The girls were enchanted by the myth & legend of this magical 900 year old castle. They adored dressing up in all the medieval clothes. Then they were off to explore the castle on their ‘scavenger hunt’. For Liam & I the gardens were simply beautiful. Brimming with vegetables & herbs and beautiful flowers. We loved playing hide & seek behind the massive trees. It really was a fun packed day full to the brim with laughter.

We chose Woodlands Park Resort because for us it’s the perfect base to explore everything that the area has to offer and we enjoy everything the park has to offer too. It’s just so beautiful & peaceful. We love wildlife, so opening the curtains in the morning to see rabbits playing, and going for a picnic & listening out for the woodpeckers & all the other birds is magical. Walking home from Woodlands Clubhouse & hearing the owls hooting and looking up to the stars at night time.

The girls love walking around the site looking for the fairy doors & listening & watching the brook with its waterfalls cascading below. We love going to the Clubhouse in the afternoon with our girls, sharing a pizza and playing board games. Their delicious homemade Sunday Roast Carvery is always a winner! And they love to spend their pocket money at Woody’s store.

Book a family holiday at Woodlands Park Resort, New Quay and plan your escape to Wales. It’s no exaggeration to say almost any type of adventure is captured here from traditional seaside fun, to vintage fair rides, discovering the dolphins and experiencing an entire world of myth and legend as part of an incredible living heritage. Wales calls itself epic and for me it’s impossible to disagree.

Woodlands Park Resort would like to say a MASSIVE Thank You to Lizzy and her family for sharing this beautiful story with us and taking the time to share these memories with us and the pictures of her lovely family.

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