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Here at Woodlands Park Resort we are committed to minimising our impact on the natural environment as much as possible. Going green is our way of helping with the efforts towards global warming and reducing pollution and waste. Eco friendly holidays are the future of the leisure & travel industry and we do everything we can to ensure we are providing an environmentally friendly holiday park that our guests will enjoy time and time again guilt free.

In all of our new refurbishments and developments, caring for the environment has become an integral part of the development process. Whether that be looking after the nature around us or saving on the carbon footprint, becoming as eco-friendly as we possibly can is an essential part of our development.

All of our park refurbished holiday homes, all our luxury lodges and our on-site facilities have been fitted with low energy bulbs and energy efficient appliances. At Woodlands Park Resort we believe that environmental management goes far beyond just obeying local legislations and that a good environmental practice is a fundamental corporate responsibility for all respectable businesses. After all, this is the key to providing a sustainable world for future generations to enjoy.


Not only do we work with lodge manufacturers to ensure we are providing only the latest eco-friendly accommodation but we also work with local suppliers to make sure everything we are obtaining is made from sustainable sources. We respect and support local wildlife trusts to gain their expertise and guidance when it comes to looking after the nature surrounding our park and by creating small insect hotels, we are encouraging even the smallest of visitors to come and stay in luxury on our park.

Guilt Free Eco Escapes at Woodlands Park Resort

We are proud of our green credentials and believe it’s important for our guests, whether they are our owners or coming to visit us on holiday, that they feel like they can enjoy their luxury eco escape guilt free in the knowledge they are doing their own part in saving the planet. Take a look at the list below to learn more about the measures that we take so as to ensure that we are one of a handful of eco friendly companies in the leisure industry



  • Our park has been undergone significant developed whilst retaining our established trees

  • During the developments we worked the land to retain our natural resources and then topped up with quarried stone from our local quarries

  • Our natural hedgerows on the park boundaries have also been retained and encouraged providing homes & shelter for our vast array of wildlife which we share the park with. Red kites, buzzards, kestrels, rooks, crows, robins, blue tits, jays and even cuckoos can be seen and heard here.

  • Natural wildflowers are encouraged and our native flora & forna are planted to encourage birds, butterflies and wildlife

  • Our pond is brimming with wildlife both within its depts and those that visit us too – our heron, dragonflies, damselflies, toads, pond snails & pond skaters, waterlilies and iris.  

  • When we mow we also ‘mulch’ which means returning all the nutrients to the grass. We don’t use growth inhibitors or weed killers on a lawns so that we retain all our wildflowers which live within our lawns along with the insects that depend on them

  • Sensor lighting is utilised across our park and its facilities using low energy bulbs too

  • All our park refurbished holiday homes and luxury lodges come with low volume dual flush toilets, energy efficient appliances and low energy lighting

  • We constantly monitor pipes and pipes work so that any leaks are swiftly repaired

  • Insect Hotels across the park are available for our smallest guests

  • Building materials are also soured locally using suppliers and contractors from the area to obtain products from sustainable sources and lower our carbon footprint